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We maintain the highest integrity and standards and promote a culture that nurtures talent and allows individuals to thrive, while fostering a strong teamwork and loyalty in an open and friendly workplace. Being first-class requires focus, determination, cutting-edge legal skills and a commitment to understanding the clients’ business and commercial challenges.

We seek individuals who are motivated, ambitious, talented and highly committed to their career in order to deliver the exceptional quality our clients expect.

Our employment policy prohibits discriminatory practices or harassment against applicants or employees based on race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression or disability. At Törngren Magnell we are close to 40 per cent female partners, and 63 per cent female associates. Our gender equality policy quotes that we aim at being represented by at least 40 per cent of each gender.

Our focus on a structure with a low ratio of associates to partners allows us to avoid the hierarchy and conservative politics that often exist at larger firms. Our size and structure further give our associates the advantage and opportunity to swiftly take on meaningful assignments, and our youngest associates soon become highly valued members of our teams working closely with our partners and clients early on in their career. As a result, a true team spirit prevails.

At Törngren Magnell we acknowledge the fundamental role that associates play in our success. Our culture reinforces the respect we have for our associates by giving them close working relationships with partners and clients and long-term commitment and support to their professional development. The result of this unique combination of sophisticated practice and balanced culture is a group of associates who are truly enthusiastic about working at Törngren Magnell. Our mentoring and talent program support the training of new associates and their acculturation into the firm. Each new associate is assigned an associate and a partner mentor upon joining the firm. Additionally, all associates are assigned a development responsible partner, who ensures that associates receive work experience of appropriate breadth and intensity, as well as sufficiently detailed feedback about their progress in acquiring the skills necessary to succeed at the firm. In addition, a variety of continuing legal and non-legal education programs are offered both in-house and externally throughout the year to help associates to keep abreast of the latest developments and legal issues.

Law Students and Summer Associates

Each fall, we look to select a small group of highly qualified students for our five week summer associate program. Our objective is to give our summer associates an experience as close as we can to that of a new associate. We make every effort to expose summer associates to all facets of our practice and involve them actively in negotiations, client meetings and court hearings.

We participate at job fairs arranged at the universities of Lund, Stockholm and Uppsala. Through our contacts with the universities, we have recruited a number of law students who are part of the firm’s student pool. These students mainly assist our front desk with various administrative tasks but also our lawyers when the need arises.

We accept four thesis trainees each semester, who each will have the possibility of working on their thesis at our office while becoming acquainted with the work of corporate lawyers. The traineeship runs over ten weeks and can be done either in connection with the master’s thesis, or as part of an advanced University course. Since a primary objective of the traineeship is to give the trainees a chance to get to know us, the trainees rotate through our practice areas.


Please send your application to and specify the position you’re applying for in the e-mail subject.

You can also send your application to:

Törngren Magnell & Partners Advokatfirma KB
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